NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore

Not sure if you have heard this year’s Nation Day Parade theme song, One Singapore.
Warning: It is quite bad.

I’m not sure about you. But I couldn’t get myself to sit through the entire song. There is even a RAP portion in the song. Yikes!!!
Forgive me for being critical here. But this must be the worst NDP Theme Song ever in our 48 years of Independence. And no, this is not one of those pre-parade songs like the Fun Pack Song. This is THE actual theme song for NDP 2013.
I haven’t found anyone who like this song. In fact, if you go to SoundCloud, there is nothing but negative comments.
I guess it is too late now to change the theme song.
But I was wondering, what went wrong here. If you read the lyrics, its actually alright. In fact, I stumble upon a cover of the song on YouTube and it actually sounded quite nice.

Not bad right? I wouldn’t mind if they use this version on 9 August. So what exactly went wrong? Music arrangement? Choir?


  1. If you understand the context of how Singanation came together from diverse Singaporean backgrounds, the theme song takes on a very genuine and heartfelt feel because these are ordinary Singaporeans like you and me singing their hearts out for the nation. That is a wonderful story by itself. You guys are too used to the diet of professional singers, or just mindset into past songs because they have been imprinted into your minds in school in the early days – near to brainwashing. Take a step back and relook at the situation around you… we need to move on.

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