Gadgets on the table 5 years ago and now

This is a very random posting.
I was doing some blogging at Starbucks and looking back at some old blog posting. I stumble upon this photo of the gadgets I have on the table when doing my work at Starbucks 5 years ago.
I was using my IBM ThinkPad T43 back then. If you notice, there is a huge Huawei 3G Dongle at the side (Next to the Starbuck cup). Yes, the 3G dongle were huge back in 2008. I think I still have it somewhere in my drawer. Beside my ThinkPad is my trusty PDA, Palm TX. I love Palm TX. Too bad the company is dead now. I also have a 1st Gen iPod Touch for listening to music. One gadget that is not in the photo is my Sony Ericsson K800 which I used to take that photo.
Compare it with the table now.
I’m now using a MacBook Pro. My PDA, iPod touch and K800 have been replaced by my iPhone 4S. And instead of a huge Huawei 3G dongle, I’m now using a Huawei LTE Mobile WIFI. Still bulky but at least it gives me a lot faster speed and won’t drain my laptop battery. And more than 5 devices can share the same Mobile WIFI to connect to internet. I love the Mobile WIFI. Maybe I should blog more about it next time.
It’s interesting to see how much things have changed in 5 years. I wonder what will be on the table 5 years from now.

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