MDA ask The Independent to register for a Class Licence under the Broadcasting Act

The Media Development Authority has notified The Independent to register under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification, which was enacted under Section 9 of the Broadcasting Act. As part of the registration, they will be required to undertake not to receive foreign funding for its provision, management and/or operation.
Wait, we are not talking about The Independent from UK. The Independent that we are talking here is a new local current affairs website aimed to bring in-depth perspective and analysis on current affairs, economics and politics in Singapore. In fact, the site will only be launching on 9 August 2013.
According to the Press Release from MDA, the Government has received specific information which gives it cause for concern over foreign interest to fund The Independent.
Soon after the news broke, The Independent released a response regarding the notification to register. The management of The Independent, Singapore said that they are pleased to register under Section 9 of the Broadcasting Act. They also took this opportunity to stress that the Board and core team behind The Independent are all Singaporeans and prohibits the acceptance of foreign funding.
I’m still puzzled by why MDA decided to ask a new website to register under Section 9 of the Broadcasting Act. But whatever it is, I’m glad that The Independent has clarified that they prohibits the acceptance of foreign funding. And hey, this is great publicity for the new site. I haven’t heard of The Independent Singapore until the MDA Press Release.
Looking forward to The Independent Singapore’s official launch on National Day.

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