Sigma introduce Mount Conversion Service

The rumours are true. Sigma is introducing a Mount Conversion Service.
The Mount Conversion Service will allow Sigma lens owners to send their lens to their Aizu factory to change relevant parts of the mount. Currently the lens owners will have the choice of Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Nikon, or Canon mount. By introducing this service, Sigma hopes customers will choose the lens purely by its value, not by the camera body.
This service is not free. I can’t seems to find the cost for Singapore. According to some website, it cost between $80 to $250 excluding shipping for US Sigma owners. All converted lenses will have a six month warranty. I’ll update this blog entry if I find the Singapore pricing.
The Mount Conversion Service will start from 2 September 2013.
This is an interesting new service by Sigma. It is definitely going to be slightly less painful for photographers when they are changing their camera brand.

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