So my blog went down last night…

Some of you might notice that my blog was down last night (Singapore time). I was pretty surprised too when I when I tried to visit my blog and saw this error message.
DNS Server Failure? Is that my ISP or domain registrar fault? It took me a while to realise that it is actually because my web host, HostGator, is experiencing an outage. It is so bad that even their Live Chat Technical Support page is down. Haha.
According to HostGator, their datacenter at Provo, Utah experienced outages during a routine maintenance. I’m not sure the exact duration of the outage. But it seems to be more than 6 hours.
It is actually kinda rare for HostGator to go down. Despite this outage, I still feel that HostGator is pretty reliable. I’ve been with HostGator since 2009. Yesterday’s outage might be the worst that I’ve experienced ever since using them. But this is still nothing compared to the 2 days outage I had on my previous web host. Overall, my experience with HostGator is still very good.
So let’s hope this is the longest downtime that I’ve ever experienced on HostGator. If you ask me, I’ll still recommend HostGator to my friends. And no, I’m not on their Affiliate Program.

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  1. One thing i have learned about hosting is… if it has worked well in the past.. stick to it “shit happens” only run when things get completely out of control.. you never know what you are moving to… i’ll stick with HG for momento

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