adidas King of the Road race cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions

It seems like even the King of the Road is no match for the unpredictable Singapore weather. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the organisers made the difficult decision to cancel the annual adidas King of the Road (KOTR) race so as not to compromise on the participants’ safety.
The weather was still ok at around 4:30am this morning. Unfortunately it started pouring shortly after 5am. Someone must have forgotten to pray for good weather. Both the 16.8KM and 10KM run have to be cancelled because of the thunderstorm. It was difficult for the organisers to inform all the participants about the cancellation as they are taking shelter at different locations. SMS takes some time to blast out to everyone. Most of the updates are from Facebook and Twitter. The volunteers also tried going to some of the locations to inform the participants. I think the organisers and volunteers did a great job despite all the challenges.
Unfortunately there is no alternative date for the race. Participants will have to wait for next year’s edition of KOTR. Or go for a run on your own later in the evening. I’m sure you’ll bump into other KOTR participants.
Update: The organisers will be sending the medals of participation to all registered runners as a token of their participation.

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