Don't worry. SMRT train didn't go on the wrong track

The headlines on today’s Wan Bao can cause quite a bit of panic.
The headline said that a passenger reported that the SMRT train went on the wrong track. The train from East-West line end up on North-South line.
When I first saw the headline, I knew something is wrong somewhere. This is the old East-West/North-South line. They have drivers on these trains unlike North-East line and Circle Line. If the train went on the wrong track, the driver would be the first to discover it. And SMRT command centre would also notice that a East bound train changed to North bound by mistake. A train going on the wrong track is a serious matter.
And most importantly, if the train really go on the wrong track, why is it only 1 passenger noticed it? What about the rest of the passengers?
The Wan Bao headline did cause some panic on social media. I saw the article being shared on Facebook, Twitter and forums. Some people are worried that this might cause a train collision.
But there is no need to worry. SMRT have clarified on their Facebook page that this is a misunderstanding. The Eastbound train was diverted to Northbound at Raffles Place MRT Station today morning in order to ease the congestion on the North-South line. In-train announcements were made to notify passengers of the planned diversion.
This explains why only 1 passenger panicked. Because the rest of the passenger heard the announcement and knew they are going to be diverted to the North-South line. Maybe the announcement was made in English and the uncle didn’t understand it. Or maybe the uncle wasn’t paying attention to the announcement. Whatever it is, one thing for sure: the trains are safe. They may break down once in a while but it didn’t go on the wrong track.
So keep calm and carry on riding on SMRT.

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