Reviving the Kampong Spirit with Durian Mobilisation at Hong Lim Park

300 people gathered at Hong Lim Park last Saturday evening. No, this is not a protest against any MDA regulation or Population White Paper. They gathered at Hong Lim Park to participate in Durian Mobilisation 2013.
Durian Mobilisation 2013_crowd waiting for durian
The Durian Mobilisation was first started in 2008 by Dr Leslie Tay from ieatishootipost. The event aims to promote kindness over Singaporeans’ common love for the king of fruits. This year’s Durian Mobilisation is supported by Singapore Kindness Movement.
Dr Leslie Tay has been actively involved with charity and profits from the Durian Mobilisation 2013 will also go into charity causes, including donation to the Prison Fellowship Singapore to organise a similar durian gathering for the inmates and their families.
Durian Mobilisation 2013_People sharing durian
A total of 1000 kilograms of seven different cultivars of durian were prepared for the feast. Participants were divided into groups of 10 to share and appreciate durian. The event also helps people to relax and as a result be kinder and more gracious.
Durian Mobilisation 2013_durian

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