Chinese communist song at Teck Ghee Primary School National Day observance ceremony?

If they didn’t hang Singapore National Flag in the background, you might think that this video is from China.

The only thing that is missing in this dance performance is a few guys wearing Chinese Communist Costume and waving a red flag in the background.
What the heck is the school thinking? The costume they are wearing looks like something from those Chinese communist propaganda dance. And why are the students dancing to a Chinese Communist Song titled 女兵走在大街上 (Female Soldiers walking along the street)? I know we have close diplomatic ties with China. But I didn’t know that it is now alright to play Chinese Communist Song in public. As far as I know, communism is still illegal in Singapore. (Or have we abolished that law already?)
This is definitely an inappropriate song to play during Singapore National Day observance ceremony. Here’s the lyrics for those who understand mandarin.


The last 2 sentence: “平安幸福和欢乐, 送给祖国妈妈” means “Peace, Happiness and Joy to Motherland”. Most Chinese Singaporeans don’t use the word 祖国 to describe Singapore. The word 祖国, although direct translation to English means “Motherland” or “Homeland”, is often used to describe China. Now, why are our students dancing to a song that wishes Peace, Happiness and Joy to China on Singapore National Day observance ceremony?
The whole performance is just inappropriate for Singapore National Day. I wonder what are the teachers and principal thinking when they are preparing for the observance ceremony.


  1. What wrong with the song, let’s not forget LKY still preaches that the Chiese are great and that the one man one vote system does not work. He must be happy to see this.

  2. dude. Why are the children facing to the song .
    It’s not our fault K it’s the dance teacher and if u are so free to even care abt a small dance with kids that listen to teachers(THATS WHY THEY DACE TO THAT SONG.) I think u too KPO alr K. =_= #%*^== asdfghjkl stupd

  3. Min En: are you a teacher at Teck Ghee Primary School?
    You can’t just blame the dance teacher alone. Didn’t anyone vet the performance before hand? You mean nobody seen the rehearsal or practice session and pointed out the issue?

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