National Day Parade 2013 Fireworks

After practicing for one whole month, it is finally the big day. Taking photos of fireworks on National Day is very different from the rehearsal and NE show. Basically you need to be there earlier than usual to chope a good place with your tripod. We decided to shoot from The Promontory@Marina Bay. GengHui was there around 3pm and I joined him shortly after. The place is already crowded with photographers but we still managed to get a good spot. I think if we arrive after 4pm, there might not be anymore good spot left.
The weather wasn’t very good that day. It was cloudy and looks like going to rain. The Red Lions performance had to be cancelled due to the cloudy conditions. But luckily for everyone, it didn’t rain.
Beside “fighting” for good spot with other photographers, there are also a lot of people who are there to watch the National Day Parade. The whole entire Promontory@Marina Bay is super crowded. And I have no idea why some people like to stand very close to us.
And to make things worse, there was a little boy sitting next to my tripod and he keeps moving around and accidentally kicking my tripod. Luckily for me, he left the place before the fireworks start. Else I’ll most likely throw him into the water if he kicks my tripod while I’m shooting the fireworks. Haha.
Here are some of the fireworks photos I got from National Day 2013. I must say that it is kinda difficult to shoot fireworks during NDP. They are firing a lot of fireworks at the same time. Some of my photos are overexposed or messy because there are too many fireworks in the shot.

For those interested in the settings, I was using my Canon 60D with my new 24-70mm F2.8 II lens. Focal length is 24. Focus set to manual. I use the bulb mode with a wired remote to shoot. This allows me to decide when to open the shutter and when to close it without shaking the camera. I set my ISO at 100 and Aperture at F11. I set it to F8 initially. But after the first few shots, I discovered that they are firing a lot of fireworks at the same time. So I lowered my Aperture to prevent the photos from overexposing.

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