Fireworks at Jurong Spring Community Club

It is not everyday you get to see fireworks at the heartlands. So when I heard that the Community Club next to my house is having fireworks for National Day Observance Ceremony, I was kinda excited.
But finding a good location to shoot the fireworks at heartlands is more difficult than shooting fireworks for National Day Parade. The best way to shoot the fireworks is to shoot from the corridor of a HDB block so that I won’t get people blocking the shot. Since the fireworks are going to be fired from Grace Orchard School field, I decided to park my tripod at Blk 535 so that I can get Jurong Spring CC as the foreground.
So here are some of the shots I have for the fireworks. Kinda disappointed with my photos. The thick smoke blowing towards me didn’t help either.

But nevertheless, it is a refreshing change from shooting at Marina Bay area. Maybe I should take more photos of my neighbourhood sometime.

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