Malware sweep causes massive Facebook app outage

I didn’t notice that Facebook had a massive app outage on 13 August but some of my friends were affected. A large number of Facebook developer accounts and apps were being disabled without warning by Facebook. According to Facebook, this was caused by a malware sweep.
The Facebook Platform and users are constantly under attack from malicious apps and Facebook have many automated systems to protect the platform and users. When Facebook identify a malicious pattern, they find all apps that match that pattern and disable them. On 13 August, Facebook identified a malicious pattern that correct matched many thousands of malicious app. But that pattern also matches a lot of legit Facebook app. This causes a lot of Facebook developer accounts and apps to be disabled. When Facebook discovered the error, they tried to stop the process and restore the apps and accounts. But it took longer than expected due to the large number of apps affected and bugs related to the restoration of app metadata.
It is understandable that mistakes like this can happen to a massive platform like Facebook. Perhaps one thing that Facebook can improve on is to provide a way for developers to communicate with Facebook. This way, developers can know who to seek help when such thing happen.

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