How many people are using Hashtag on Facebook?

It’s been more than 2 months since Facebook launched hashtag. So I was wondering how many people are using Hashtag on Facebook.
It was National Day Rally last Sunday evening. Twitter is filled with people using the hashtag #ndrsg. My Twitter feed was moving so fast that I can hardly catch up. So I decided to check on Facebook to see the buzz there. Not really that fantastic. In fact, things hardly moved during Sunday night.
I forgot to take a screenshot that evening. But I took a screenshot the next day. Still not as good as what I’m seeing on Twitter.
There are definitely people using Hashtags on Facebook. But there’s just not enough to make an impact. If someone followed Facebook’s #ndrsg on Sunday evening, he will most likely not get the timely update on what was being announced at National Day Rally. To be fair, there might be a lot of people using Hashtag on Facebook but their privacy settings set to display the status to Friends only.
But it still goes to show that Facebook is still not a good platform for breaking news. Twitter is definitely the king when it comes to breaking news. Even though Facebook launched Hashtag more than 2 months ago, I still don’t see how they going to win Twitter when it comes to breaking news. And to be honest, I would prefer things remain this way. Facebook and Twitter are two different platform that serves different needs. I really don’t understand why Facebook decided to launch hashtag. There isn’t much benefits here.
Oh well, at least we aren’t seeing people misusing Hashtag on Facebook…. yet.

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