Indiegogo campaign to build a Steve Jobs statue

A group of young entrepreneurs living in San Francisco have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise fund to build a Steve Jobs statue.
And they are not asking for a lot of money. Just $50,000 for a a life-sized statue of Steve Jobs. The group claims that they have identified world-class sculptors to build the statue and they quoted this price. The size of the statue will be directly proportional (positive correlation) to the amount raised. The group said that they aim for statue as big as Statue of Liberty and Colossus of Rhodes. Well, that’s a difficult target to reach.
I’m not sure whether we should be building a statue of Steve Jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Steve and I’m writing this blog entry on a product made by the company that he founded. But something makes me feel that there are far more important people out there that deserved a statue. And besides, who are these young entrepreneurs? Why didn’t they reveal their name? How are they related to Steve Jobs?
And most importantly, did they talk to Steve Jobs’ family before starting this crowdsource funding campaign?
If you are interested, visit the Indiegogo campaign page to pledge your support. The campaign ends on 14 October 2013. Strange, why didn’t they end it on his 2nd death anniversary on 6 October?

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