Google goes down for 5 minutes

Google had an outage last Friday at around 4:37pm PST time (17 August 2013 7:37am Singapore time). The outage lasted around 5 minutes. During this time, all Google services including Google Search, Gmail and Youtube were unaccessible.
Luckily most of us in Singapore were still asleep during that 5 minute outage.
Someone estimated that web traffic drop by 40% during this 5 minutes. I guess nobody can dispute that Google is an important part of the Internet. But I highly doubt that web traffic drop by 40%. After all, people can still do things on the internet when Google is down. Bing is still there. And social networking site like Facebook and Twitter are still working too. There will definitely be a drop in web traffic when Google goes down but I don’t think it is that high.
The last time something similar happen was back in 2009 when a human error caused Google to labeled every site in its results as malware. Google have not reveal what caused the outage. I’m guessing someone type Google into Google.

Interestingly, Outlook and Amazon also have outage recently. It is still unknown if these are related.

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