Painting of a vertical line sold for $43.8 million

OK, this is somewhat an old news. I wasn’t paying attention to the art industry that’s why this news only caught my attention lately.
A 1953 painting by abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman titled “Onement VI” was sold for $43.8 million at a New York City auction in May. Nothing to be surprised actually since this is an artwork by a famous artist. But what if I told you that the painting is just a vertical line across a blue background. I kid you not.
Well, according to the auction catalog, the painting overwhelms and seduces the viewer with the totality of its sensual, cascading washes of vibrant blue coexisting with Newman’s vertical ‘Sign’ of the human presence, his iconic and revolutionary ‘zip’.

Yes, this was sold at $43.8 million. I mean come on. If I’m going to pay $43.8 million for a line across blue background, I would expect the line to be the straightest line ever drawn on the blue-est blue canvas in this world.
Well, clearly I don’t understand art.

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