Clover Brewing System at Resorts World Sentosa Starbucks Reserve store

Good news for the coffee lovers. The Clover Brewing System is now in Singapore. Singapore is the first country in South East Asia to get the Clover Brewing System and it is only available in the Starbucks Reserve store at Resorts World Sentosa

The Clover Brewing System is a specialized brewing process that uses Vacuum-Press technology. The barista start by measuring the right amount of coffee beans and then grinds them fresh. Next, the barista pour the freshly ground coffee into the brew chamber at the top of the Clover machine. Hot water is added by the machine and the barista stirs the mixture carefully to ensure that the ­coffee are thoroughly moistened. The brewing process takes less than a minute. Once completed, the coffee grounds forms a cake that is thrown away.
The Clover Brewing System allows the coffee drinkers to discover new layers and dimension within a coffee’s familiar aroma, flavor, body and acidity. The system goes well with the rare and exclusive Starbucks Reserve coffee beans which are perfectly handcrafted by a team of highly trained and passionate Starbucks Coffee Masters.
A tall cup of Starbucks Reserve coffee using the Clover Brewing System starts at $6.30 and is only available at RWS Starbucks Reserve Store.

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