The new iPhone 5S

OK, I admit I didn’t stay up and watch the Apple Keynote on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Let me explain myself. Firstly I wasn’t feeling well. Plus there were so many leaks I doubt there are anything that wasn’t leaked. But most importantly, there isn’t anything amazing about the new iPhone 5S.
It is no surprise that this version of iPhone is just incremental changes. Apple only make big changes to the iPhone design every 2 years. And it is good that there isn’t any change in the iPhone design. This means that all the existing accessories for iPhone 5 can be used on the new iPhone 5S.
A lot of people were saying that Apple is losing it ever since Steve Job is gone. I disagree. I think we have reached a stage where there is hardly anything amazing left that is not on the smartphone. Gone are the days when the crowd go wild when someone demonstrate slide to unlock screen. It’s not just Apple. Other smartphone companies also failed to add groundbreaking features in the recent flagship product. Everyone is just perfecting what they have been doing. Putting a faster processor, better camera and maybe a few new features here and there.
And there is nothing wrong with that. You can’t expect the smartphone industry to continuously invent groundbreaking features after features. We will reach a stage when everything that needs to be there is already there. I think we are reaching that stage.

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