More public education required on Guide Dogs

In case you didn’t notice, Häagen-Dazs got into a little bit of a crisis because of a guide dog. Esme the guide dog and her blind handler Cassandra Chiu wanted to visit Holland Village Häagen-Dazs last weekend but was refused entry even though she tried to explain that Esme is a guide dog. This is not the first time Esme and her handler encountered problems. If you do a quick Google, you will notice that there are other occasions where they were refused entry.
I think the world needs more education about Guide Dogs. Not many people know that Guide Dogs are specially trained. It is going to take some time. In the meantime, just help educate others and forgive the ignorant.
One interesting thing to note. There are currently 3 guide dogs in Singapore. But it seems like only Esme and her handler keep bumping into trouble. Why is that so?

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