Cat paw to unlock

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c was launched last Friday. As usual, Singapore is one of the first few countries to get the new iPhone.
It seems like this time, the “fun” thing to try after getting the iPhone 5s is to play with the Touch ID. Some people discovered that the Touch ID works on other body parts too. Someone even tried Touch ID with their nipple and it works. No, I’m not going to post that video on my blog. You can try Googling for that if you are interested but I must say that it is kinda disturbing.
And it doesn’t just works on human. It also works on cat’s paw too if you register it with Touch ID.

Well, if you own a cat, maybe you can try registering your cat’s paw as backup (Or just for fun).
A group of people are trying to crowdfund bounty to hack iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner. The idea is to reliably and repeatedly break into an iPhone 5s by lifting prints from maybe a glass. So far nobody managed to do that yet. But I guess it is not impossible.

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