Apple sold 9 million iPhones over the weekend

We expected an impressive launch weekend for the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. But I guess most people didn’t expect Apple to sell 9 million iPhones over the launch weekend. I guess most of the 9 million iPhones are iPhone 5s. The demand for iPhone 5c isn’t that great.
Asymco did a chart to show the launch day performance for some of the popular smartphones.
One reason why Apple managed to sell so many iPhones during launch weekend is because they launched it in 9 countries. Not only that, China is one of the first few countries getting the iPhone. But all these cannot be achieve without great logistic. I must say that it is impressive that Apple can handle the logistic during launch weekend and sell 9 million iPhones.
In fact, they could have sold more. Apple is just not making the iPhones fast enough. And that is understandable as there is a high demand for the iPhone 5s, especially Gold colour. Some people speculated that Apple underestimated the demand for Gold colour. The demand for Gold colour iPhone 5s caught many people by surprise. Initially we thought only Asian market will go crazy over Gold colour. But this wasn’t the case. It seems like Gold is the new Black now.
Apple shares went up almost 5% on Monday after the announcement.


  1. You honestly believe that figure? Do you know how long it takes to produce 9 million iphone and ship them out properly? I think if they want to sell 9 million iphones next year, they need to start the production now.
    I’m not saying that they lie about the figures but probably inflated many times over or included many future orders from telco which wasn’t delivered yet.
    I mean honestly, if you want to sell 1 million pancake over the weekend that’ll be an amazing feat. But 9 million iphones? NExt year they’ll sell 50 million iphones. LOL

  2. Ah Pui: Apple is a public listed company. They will get into trouble from investors and Stock Exchange if they lie about the numbers.
    9 million seems like a huge number. But I’m sure Apple can handle the logistic. After all, Tim Cooks used to be the COO.

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