Uu 3D custom figurines

Have you ever wanted a 3D figurine of yourself? Well, from now till 6 October 2013, you can get a 3D printed version of yourself at Scott Square Uu 3D studio.
In order to make a mini version of you, professionals from Mikanbako 3D imaging studio use cutting-edge equipment to scan your image at the Uu 3D studio. Scanning usually takes around 30 minutes. After that, the data will be send back to Mikanbako’s lab in Japan to be processed and printed using the latest 3D printing technology. Due to the complexity of the technical processes, you will receive your 3D figurine three months from the scan.
The price of a 3D mini you doesn’t come cheap. A small sized (15 cm) 3D figurine cost S$850. Medium sized (20 cm) 3D firgurine cost S$1,000 while large sized (25 cm) cost S$1,500. But hey, it’s cheaper than some limited edition collectable toys and this is one of a kind.
So anyone wants to make a mini 3D version of yourself? You have until 6 October to consider.

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