Guinness Arthur’s Day 2013 celebration in Singapore

Guinness hosted Arthur’s Day celebrations in Singapore last Friday with double platinum record artists The Fray headlining this year’s programme. 1,759 fans partied in a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena at The Promontory@Marina Bay. Besides The Fray, fans were also entertained by local band Ellipsis, winners of the ‘Play on the Day’ competition who kicked off the night’s revelry.
To top it all off, as The Fray took their positions onstage and began their first song, the Guinness Arthur’s Day backdrop came down to reveal a transparent screen that allowed for views of the illuminated Marina Bay and the breath-taking Singapore skyline. The band, who are in the mixing and editing stage of their fourth studio album, even performed a sneak peek of the upcoming album, debuting for the first time outside the US.
Singapore joined over 55 countries and an estimated 1.7 million people across the world to celebrate the fifth year that Guinness Arthur’s Day has been celebrated globally.

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