The highly anticipated iPad Air will hit singapore shores tomorrow (1 November 2013) at 10am. Just in case if you want to queue up early for the iPad Air, here is the Ultimate Guide to Queuing for your iPad Air at EpiCentre Singapore.
EpiCentre is doing this to ensure that there will only be one official queue. However, do note that queuing does not guarantee an iPad Air.
Good luck if you are tying to get a iPad Air tomorrow.

Sentosa island was infested with zombies last weekend. No, this is not the start of the zombie apocalypse. This is Race The Dead, Singapore’s first ever 5km zombie run.
The idea is simple. Runners wear 2 life flag on the sides of their waist and run 5km filled with obstacles and clusters of life flag grabbing zombies. The objective is to get to the quarantine zone at the end point with at least 1 life flag intact.
It is actually more of a fun run rather than a competitive one. You need to strategise and work as a team with other runners to survive this race. The chances of surviving when you run in large group is much higher. Remember, during a zombie apocalypse, you don’t need to be the fastest runner. You just need to run faster than the last guy.
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A Florida convenience store clerk escaped death recently, thanks to his trusty HTC EVO 3D smartphone. The clerk only sustained minor injuries after the bullet fired by a robber hit his phone instead of him.
The poor HTC EVO 3D phone is no longer working but it done a good job in saving its owner life.
This is not the first time a HTC phone stopped a bullet. Two years ago, a HTC EVO saved its owner life by blocking a bullet.
Maybe the HTC marketing department can get Robert Downey Jr. to fight crime while wearing HTC phone as bulletproof vest. (Just kidding)

Starbucks is working with Twitter to allow customers in US to send coffee in the form of e-gift to another Twitter user.
All they need to do is to link their Twitter account to the Starbucks account and Tweet to @tweetacoffee and the Twitter handle of the gift recipient. The recipient can redeem the $5 Starbucks Card e-gift by printing out the e-gift, showing it on their mobile device at the counter or by loading it to their Starbucks mobile app.
This is a cool and easy way to say thanks to that person that help you on Twitter or a friend that you haven’t met in a while.

The Starbucks Tweet a Coffee program is currently only available in US.
PLEASE Starbucks, bring this to Singapore soon. And you can send me a Starbucks coffee at my Twitter handle @dk.

Ang Mo Kio Town Council website has been hacked today morning. A image of the Guy Fawkes Mask was added to the website together with this message.

“I have been to various sites and seen how they take the initiative to secure their systems. You have a brain & you have money. You had a choice. Don’t blame external factors (Anonymous) for this hack.” – The Messiah

There is also another message on page 2 saying that MP Ang Hin Kee has tender his resignation.
The image and message has been taken down and AMKTC website is currently offline.
It seems like the hacker is referring to a statement made by Mr Ang Hin Kee, MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, regarding bad behaviour on public transport.

I’ve been to crowded places and seen how people accommodate one another. You have a choice. Don’t blame external factors for your behaviour.