THE NATION LEGO City made from over 160,000 bricks

THE NATION has been hacked by cyber criminals! Power is down, there’s no water, phones aren’t working, and the airport is crippled.
Nah, don’t worry. This is not real. But this could be real if we take National Security for granted. That’s why the National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS) created a LEGO city to simulate the dangers of a cyber attack.
CyberShock features a fictional city called THE NATION, a LEGO city made from over 160,000 LEGO bricks, and wired to interact with a digital game. Players are asked to help save THE NATION by completing a series of mini games and booster questions on cyber security, to restore the city’s crippled services. Through these interactive games, NSCS aims to teach members of the public the importance of online security.

THE NATION LEGO city comprises of 6 sectors: The City Centre (7,778 bricks), The Airport (5,584 bricks), The Water Works (4,405 bricks), The Federal Bank (6,528 bricks), The Telecommunications Centre (3,120 bricks) and The Electricity Board (3,621 bricks). The 168,277 LEGO bricks city took more than 100 hours to built and is on display this weekend at Suntec City West Atrium.
CyberShock is the first part of the Let’s Stand Together campaign, a public education campaign to enhance community vigilance and social resilience among Singaporeans on national security issues, especially cyber security, pandemics and terrorism.
Date: 4 – 6 October 2013
Time: 11am – 8pm
Venue: Suntec City West Atrium

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