Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 3

Halloween is coming. This means that the Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights is back!
This is the 3rd year Universal Studios Singapore is doing a Halloween theme park. Universal Studios Singapore is serious about scaring you when they use more than 400 scare actors, 3000 prosthetics make up pieces and more than 5 gallons of fake blood every night to create the most horrifying experience. With 3 specially created movie-quality haunted houses, 3 immersive scare zones and a Halloween themed musical show, Halloween Horror Night 3 is a must go for adventure seekers.

A storm battered ship is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea since 1910. The crew has vanished. But of cos there are some other stuff left behind to haunt you. Adrift is a very nicely built haunted ship. It gives you the feeling that you are really on a ship. In fact, some of the rooms reminds you of Titanic. A haunted Titanic. The area is kinda dark too so beware. You never know who or what is waiting for you round the corner.
Songs of Death
Songs of Death is perhaps the most scary haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 3. The haunted house is based on a Chinese Opera Academy. Which means there are things like joss papers and other traditional Chinese religion items around. Kinda creepy. Maybe because we can relate to those items.
House No 13: Possessions
If someone is selling at house unit number 13, I don’t advise you to view the house at night. Or rather, why would anyone go view a house for sale at night? Maybe so that you can meet the occupants who are imprisoned there by evil spirits. Be prepared to be scared by things you normally find in a house. Like toilet bowl.
Word of advise: If this ever happen, just flush the toilet.
Besides the 3 haunted house, there are also 3 scare zones: Attack of the Vampires, Convention of Curses and Forbidden Forest. I love Attack of the Vampires. Basically they turned the streets of USS into a cemetery. Meet the vampires that terrorises the town.
Forbidden Forest is pretty scary. They say only fools venture through the woods after sunset. And they are right. Because ghost like Pontianak are waiting for you there. Oh, remember to watch your back. You never know who is following you.
The Convention of Curses isn’t really a scare zone. It is more like a pasar malam with witches and wizards trying to sell their crafts. An interesting zone to visit. Hey, you might meet a beautiful Sorcerer if you are lucky.
Halloween Horror Nights 3 runs for 10 nights over four weekends, from 11 – 12 October, 18 – 19 October, 25 – 26 October and 31 October to 3 November 2013, from 7pm to 1am each evening. The theme park will close earlier on event nights at 5.30pm during this period.

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