Should Singaporean Women Serve National Service?

I don’t know why recently there is an increase discussion on this topic. Should Singaporean Women serve National Service (NS)? This topic has been going around for years and it is still on going.
Personally, I don’t think Singaporean Women should serve NS.
I think we are asking the wrong question here. The question shouldn’t be “Should Singaporean Women serve NS?” The question should be “Do we need Singaporean Women to serve NS?”
Unlike countries like Israel, South Korea and Taiwan, Singapore is not at any risk of having war. There is no need to increase our Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Defence Force. We are enjoying good diplomatic relationship with our neighbours.
If we enlist Singaporean Women, we are almost doubling our defence forces. Such an increase might even create unnecessary tension between Singapore and our neighbours. We also need to consider the increase in defence budget just to enlist Singaporean Women. We might need more army camps to house them and additional military hardware. This will start an arm race in this region.
And after serving 2 1/2 years National Service and 9 In Camp Training, honestly I wouldn’t want to see the ladies going through what we been through. There is no immediate need for women to serve NS. Leave National Service to the men.


  1. It is not for you to think lah, the government is slowly trying to “brainwash” everyone that NS is for the women also…
    Well stand up and say NO…and not be like our WP=PAP MPs lah.

  2. Oute: I don’t think they are trying to brainwash us. Just two years ago, Ng Eng Hen said that SAF will not draft women for NS because there are no operational needs to justify doing so. Don’t think anything has changed over the past two years.
    I have no idea why this topic has been brought up again.

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