Twitter now lets you receive DM from all followers

Twitter is adding a new option for their Direct Message (DM) feature. In the past, you can only send a DM to someone who is following you on Twitter. Twitter is adding an option for you to allow all your followers to DM you regardless whether you are following them or not.
This is an opt in feature. If you want all your followers to be able to send you DM, simply go to your Twitter Account Settings page and check the box under “Receive direct messages from any follower”
But wait a minute! Turning on this feature means you might get more spam DM since anyone who followed you can DM you. Think twice before turning on this feature. In fact, most Twitter won’t need this feature and I don’t recommend most of you to turn it on. I won’t be turning on this feature for my Twitter account.
However, this feature is very useful for companies, especially those using Twitter for customer service. This will allow the company’s follower to DM them easily. This save the needs for the customer to ask the company’s Twitter account to follow them so that they can talk in private. If you are managing your company’s Twitter account, take a look at this feature. It might be useful.

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