Singapore Government may block website to curb piracy

Few days ago, Senior Minister of State (Law) Indranee Rajah said in Parliament that the Government is considering blocking file sharing websites that infringe copyright while it reviews the Copyright Act.
Sigh, when will they ever learn that blocking file sharing website will never work? There are tons of file sharing website out there. How is the Government going to identify and block all of them? How much taxpayers money is going to be spend on this?
What constitute a file sharing website that infringe copyright? What about sites that have a mixture of files that infringe copyright and files that are creative commons? How is the Singapore Government going to classify these sites? Is there an appeal process where sites owners can appeal if they found that they are wrongfully blocked?
And what about Google and YouTube? It is easy to use Google and YouTube to search for copyright materials. Is the Singapore Government going to block Google and YouTube too?
And even after the websites are blocked, there are many other ways that tech savvy people can do to by pass the block. Blocking website is not going to curb piracy. Many countries have tried that and failed.
In fact, the best way to beat online piracy is through public education and making content easily available. Instead of wasting Singapore taxpayers money to identify and block websites, Singapore Government should work with content owners to make their content available to consumers at a reasonable price, on any platform the consumer want and at a timely fashion. Studies already shows that people pirate movies because they don’t have the option of paying for a legitimate copy online.
The ball is at the content owner’s court.

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