Singapore Government website under planned maintenance on Saturday afternoon

Couple of Singapore Government websites are inaccessible today afternoon. A quick check shows that IDA, NEA, SPF and many other government websites are down now. There are some reports that SingPass is also down.
According to IDA Facebook page, it is a planned maintenance.
But it sounds fishy. Why would anyone put a planned maintenance on a Saturday afternoon at around 4pm? Planned maintenance are usually done in the middle of the night to minimise the number of people affected. Something tells me that this is not a planned maintenance. I guess someone might have found a security flaw and is rushing to patch it before they get exploited by hackers. And they can’t afford to wait till tonight because of recent events.
Just my speculation.
Update at 5:30pm: Seems like all the affected Singapore Government websites are back online.
Update: IDA reveal that a planned maintenance took place from 1 to 3pm on Saturday. However, a fault caused by a combination of a routing issue and a hardware failure was discovered during the maintenance. The issue was rectified by 5:20pm.

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  1. If the maintenance really was planned, should it be described as foresight, which the PAP proclaims it has, or as a knee jerk reaction, which the PAP has been having to resort to on a large number of issues?

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