Singapore Prime Minister’s Office website hacked by Anonymous

A subpage for search on the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) website was hacked last night at 11:17pm (7 November 2013). This came a day after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong vows to hunt down hackers from Anonymous who last week threatened to wage a cyber war against the government.
According to some reports, the hackers managed to deface one of the pages on PMO website with the message “It’s great to be Singaporean today” together with a image of Guy Fawker mask. Next to it was another image saying, “PM Lee warns hackers: We will track you down — even if you think you’re ‘anonymous’”. Another message read “ANONYMOUS SG WAS HERE BIATCH”.
According to IDA, a vulnerability the subpage for search on the PMO website was exploited to display pages from other sources. This vulnerability is known as cross-site scripting. The defaced page was quickly taken offline and the matter is under investigation.
The Istana website was also hacked at 12.20am.

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