ACRA issues alert against "Singapore Company Register"

An entity calling itself “Singapore Company Register” has been emailing or writing to companies requesting them to verify their company details with it. The letter or email also claims that companies which fail to do so, will have their information deleted from the ‘Singaporean Company Register database’ within a week of the date of the notice.
The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) said in a statement that it has no links whatsoever to this entity and is currently investigating this matter.
Companies are not obliged to provide details to the Singapore Company Register. Those who need to update their records with ACRA, should do so through ACRA’s online filing and information retrieval system.
I did a quick check on Singapore Company Register and it seems like they are doing a public Singapore company database. The only problem is that there is an S$490 annual fee.
So be careful when you received a letter from Singapore Company Register. They are not related to ACRA. You are not obliged to provide details to them. And there is a S$490 annual fee if you register. Be warned.

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