Fake Ministry of Manpower website

The Ministry of Manpower just issued a statement saying that there is a website that looks exact like the official MOM website. The Ministry have lodged a case with the Police and investigations are ongoing.
This is the real Ministry of Manpower website.
This is the fake Ministry of Manpower website.
Can’t really tell the difference. Even the URL is very similar. The real MOM website URL is www.mom.gov.sg. The fake MOM website URL is www.momgov.sg. Just missing one dot.
It is not sure how long the duplicate site has been active. The momgov.sg domain was registered on 11 Nov. The person behind this website could easily use it for phishing. If you have entered your SingPass credentials on the fake website, please change your password immediately. In fact, if you have entered your SingPass credentials on Ministry of Manpower website anytime between 11 November 2013 till now, I would suggest you change your SingPass password just in case.
Why did SGNIC allow someone to register the domain momgov.sg? Isn’t there a check somewhere that prevent people from registering a .sg URL ending with “gov”? What is SGNIC and IDA doing?
Update: momgov.sg has been deleted.
Update 2: Another fake Ministry of Manpower website spotted.

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