VivoCity celebrates 7th anniversary with stunning display of fireworks

VivoCity celebrated its 7th anniversary last Thursday evening with a stunning display of fireworks.
The firework display was choreographed by Japan’s renowned Josh Tamaya from Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks Co., Ltd., best known for using advanced computerised firing systems and flawless integration of music into fireworks.
From 29 November to 8 December, be enchanted by L’imagination, a 30-minute musical extravaganza that blends visual and physical acts, illumination, as well as dance and drama. Assembled by an award-winning and internationally recognised production crew, the show is uniquely choreographed for VivoCity’s Christmas celebrations. A roster of memorable characters such as The Cleaning Lady, The Invisible Man, The White Bird, The Time Stopper, The Music Man and The Dream Weaver will interact with the crowd throughout the performance, entertaining and charming the audience right from when they enter the Amphitheatre.
Date: 29 November – 8 December 2013
Time: 8 pm – 8:30 pm (Daily, except 2 December)
Venue: VivoCity Level 3, Amphitheatre

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