Help stop the balloon release at Punggol West Countdown Party

I just found out that Punggol West is organising a Countdown Party on New Years Eve and they will be doing a mass balloon release at midnight. Hurray!!!
PS: that “hurray” is in a sarcastic tone.
I don’t understand why people like to release balloon. It looks great for a few minutes. But has anyone ever wonder where the balloons goes? According to UK Marine Conservation Society, 90-95% of released balloons rise to an altitude of 8KM where the temperature and pressure is such that they burst into small fragments. The remaining 5-10% that do not reach a high enough altitude may remain inflated and can float many miles before descending back to the land or the sea semi-inflated.
If we are lucky, the balloons just end up as litter in the sea or forest. If we are not, then a sea turtle or bird might mistook the balloon as their prey and choke on it. If there is any ribbon or string tied to the balloon, they might end up entangling wildlife.
Please, do me a favor. Go to Punggol West Facebook page and comment on the posting. Tell them to stop the mass balloon release event. If you are a Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC resident, write to your MP. Tell them to stop Punggol West RC from polluting the environment.
Update: The organising committee have decided to cancel the mass balloon release.

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