Twitter app redesign

Twitter just redesigned their iOS and Android app. One of the most noticeable change is the focus on the Direct Message (DM) feature. The DM feature has been there since day one. I can’t remember when but sometime back, Twitter redesigned the app and bring the DM feature to the Twitter profile page. This made it difficult to find the DM feature on the app.
The newly redesigned App now put the DM button on the Tab Bar. Besides giving more emphasis to DM, Twitter also added photo support in DM.
Photo 15-12-13 1 59 39 am
I don’t use DM as much as I used to. But nevertheless it is great to see some updates to the DM feature on Twitter. There are a lot of Twitter DM users out there. Let’s hope these new changes to DM will allow Twitter to get more DM users.
Besides the DM redesign, the new app also comes with a swipeable timeline design for Timeline, Activity and Discover.

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