Little India Riot: Blame it on alcohol

I guess most of you have heard that alcohol is the likely cause of the Little India Riot on 8 December 2013.
The Singapore Police Force have declared Little India as a “proclaimed area” under the Public Order Preservation Act. Under the act, alcohol consumption in public within the proclaimed area will be banned every weekend, public holiday and eve of public holiday. Shops are not allowed to sell alcohol from 6am to 8pm on weekends, eve of public holidays and on public holidays. Restaurants, hotels, pubs and coffeeshops can continue the sale of alcohol but comsumption must be within their premises. These measures will be in place for up to 6 months until the Committee of Inquiry has completed its work and made its recommendations.
I feel sorry for the shop owners in Little India. Their business will surely be badly affected for the next 6 months. Hope that the authorities can assist them with rental or utilities rebates to make up for the lost of income from alcohol sales.
I think it is wrong to blame everything on alcohol. Yes, alcohol might be one of the contributing factor. But look, the foreign workers have been drinking in Little India for years. Nothing happen until recently. Why is that so? There must be other contributing factors too. It cannot be just alcohol.
And banning alcohol in Little India is not going to do much. The foreign workers can still consume alcohol outside Little India. And here’s my worry. Christmas and New Year is coming. We all know that on Christmas eve and New Year Eve, everyone will be celebrating at town area, including some foreign workers. Just imagine a group of foreign workers who haven’t been drinking for few weeks. They will definitely drink during this period. What if they drink too much and create trouble during the celebrations?
I hope I’m just over worrying.
Personally, I fee that if they want to drink, nobody is going to stop them. Instead of banning alcohol, we should be educating them to drink responsibly and increase police presence in Little India. Banning alcohol for 6 months is not going to help.


  1. For the last time, banning alcohol in Little India is not about the alcohol itself. It is about banning the “gathering” of the Indians who can become intoxicated. Indian workers and other ethnic workers can still drink in Jurong, Bishan, AMK, etc but they will not be able to congregate at Little India (a familiar place where lots of law abiding Indians gather) to cause mob mentality.
    Blaming alcohol has also a secondary effect. It can deflect blame or investigations on the inner suppressed violence in these workers. I can imagine a secondary line of COI who will look into this but secretly.

  2. I just wonder how the police subdued 400 rioters without using violence on them?
    Ah… must be the PAP charm – violence begets violence not?
    Those people who off loaded the drunkard and subsequently rolled over him must be very nice people?

  3. It is a bad move to ban alcohol. The world is laughing at our idiotic leaders. Moral of the story?
    Pay them gold and you get monkeys.

  4. Why is everyone blaming alcohol for the riot? IMHO, the riot was started by the “accident” where one person was killed. The exploitation of these workers was the fuel that added to the fire.

  5. Are accidents, where a worker is hit by a vehicle and killed, a frequent occurrence in Tekka?
    If they aren’t, then going by the govt’s thinking, accidents should be banned in little India! Especially those involving foreign workers!!

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