New exemption under Do Not Call Registry

Just one week away from the start of the Do Not Call Registry, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) announced new exemption which allows companies to continue sending marketing messages to customers with “ongoing relationship” with the company. This exemption does not apply to voice calls.
This means that even if you have registered under the Do Not Call Registry, your credit card or insurance company can continue to send you marketing messages after 2 January 2014. The message, however, must contain an opt-out facility that the consumer can use to opt out from future messages by the organisation.
In short, registering under the Do Not Call Registry does not stop you from receiving marketing messages completely. You will still need to individually opt-out of messages from companies which you have “ongoing relationship” with. Perhaps the only saving grace is that companies cannot call you once you are on the Do Not Call Registry.
This last minute addition of the new exemption came as a surprise to many people. The exemption will benefit companies as they don’t need to verify their existing customers with the DNC Registry. However, it dilute the purpose and intention of the DNC Registry for consumers.

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