Run For Your Lives Asia

The original zombie infested 5K obstacle course race, Run For Your Lives is coming to Asia and the first stop is going to be Singapore.
Coming all the way from US with more than 30 successful events since 2011, the event pit survivors against zombies. Runners will be donning belts worn under their waists with 3 flags that represent their lives. As they make their way through the treacherous obstacle course, they will encounter zombies who will attempt to grab these flags.
If the runners make it to the end with at least one life flag remaining, they have outmaneuvered the undead and well deserving of a coveted survivor medal. Otherwise, they can celebrate being part of the infected with a shiny new medal to confer their new status.
Run For Your Lives Asia will be happening on 11 January 2014 at the Padang with the race route going around Marina Bay Waterfront.
Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? Sign up for Run For Your Lives Asia to find out. Hurry, registration closes on 31 December 2013. Visit the Facebook page for the latest updates.

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