GoThere.SG and Google Map updated with the new Marina Coastal Expressway

The new Marina Coastal Expressway was open on sunday and it has been causing some confusion and massive traffic jams. I guess it must be a combination of route unfamiliarity and poor planning at some key points. Let’s hope LTA can widen the choke points so that traffic can flow smoothly.
I can’t remember when was the last time we opened a new expressway and made several major changes to the road. But whenever that happens, all the mapping apps needs to be updated.
I’m actually impressed that GoThere.SG managed to update the map on the first day. I’ve been telling everyone to use GoThere.SG if they are traveling by the new MCE.
Google Maps only updated the new MCE on Monday. But there seems to be some errors. The road between AYE to Sheares Bridge is now closed. So be careful when you are using Google Map when traveling on MCE. Especially if you are using Turn By Turn Navigations.
Oh and by the way, if you are traveling from the west and heading to Rochor area, you should use Exit 2 to Central Boulevard before travelling via either Shreares Avenue or Bayfront Avenue to get to Rochor. Another way to get to Rochor will be to exit AYE at Exit 2B followed by Keppel Road. Some other routes that you could use to get to Rochor include Shenton Way, Eu Tong Seng Street or the CTE.
If you are heading towards ECP from the Marina Bay area, enter the MCE via Marina Coastal Drive / Central Boulevard junction. You should then use Exit 5 before the ECP/KPE/MCE interchange to connect to ECP(Changi).
If you are heading towards the AYE from the Marina Bay area, enter the MCE via Marina Coastal Drive / Central Boulevard junction as well. You can also use Central Boulevard > Shenton Way > Keppel Road to get on the AYE as well.

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