Glenn Ong and Jean Danker in Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge

Celebrity DJs Glenn Ong and Jean Danker were pitted against each other in a head-to-head competition last Saturday (18 January 2014) to obtain the highest fuel efficiency score. They were participating in Singapore’s first-ever Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge.
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This Driving Challenge is part of an educational journey on fuel-saving, which demonstrates how motorists can reduce costs by using the right fuel and making simple changes to driving habits. In journeying with Shell, Glenn and Jean learned to apply fuel efficiency to present day driving environments and future mobility scenarios. Guiding Glenn and Jean as they manoeuvred the roads of Singapore and undertook pit-stop challenges were Ferdinand Lai and Annette Phay, one of the winning couples of the Shell FuelSave Challenge held in August 2013.
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Jean Danker emerged as the winner with a fuel efficiency score of 17.2 km/l and will be representing Singapore for the celebrity drive at Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Manila on 7 February 2014. She will join three other famous faces from Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The celebrities will then compete in a challenge that will see them put Shell FuelSave fuels and their new-found fuel efficiency skills to the test to see who can go the furthest in an ultra-energy efficient vehicle designed by students.

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