Sandcrawler building in Singapore

George Lucas was in town last week for the official opening of Lucasfilm headquarters in Singapore. It’s not just a normal building. The building was designed to look like the Sandcrawler in Star Wars IV.
The 22,500 square-meter building located at One Fusionopolis View features a Yoda fountain, a 100-seat theater, retail space and state-of-the-art digital production capabilities. Tenants of the Sandcrawler building include Disney’s Southeast Asia operations and ESPN Asia Pacific.
I visited the building last Saturday. I must say that it is difficult to take photo of the building. There’s a lot of constructions around the building. Not much space for photographers to take photo of the Sandcrawler.

I think the building will look a lot nicer when all the constructions around it is completed. As for now, it really feels like Tatooine with all the dust and sands from the surrounding building construction.
There is a beautiful garden in the middle of the building that is open to public. There you can find a bronze statue of Yoda at a fountain. I think a lot of fans will be there just to take photo with Yoda.
In fact there is another similar statue of Yoda at the building’s front lobby.
Beautiful building. Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside.

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