3M Post-it Big Pads

3M recently released the Post-it Big Pads, a humongous Post-it pad designed to facilitate engagements and provide an innovative new way to share big ideas, thoughts and emotions.
You might ask, how humongous is the Post-it Big Pads? Well… this huge.
Photo 17-1-14 6 16 09 pm
Actually, this is the smallest. The Post-it Big Pads are available in 3 sizes and colors. The smallest size is Electric Yellow at 11” x 11”. The medium size is Fuchsia Pink at 15” x 15” while the biggest is Electric Blue at 22” x 22”. Yes, I kid you not. A Post-it Pad at 22 inch. That’s almost 56cm.
Each Post-it Big Pad includes 30 sheets with adhesive backing that sticks to smooth, vertical surfaces. It also comes with a hard backing for seamless transportability.
Personally, I think the Post-it Big Pads are great for brainstorming session. After writing your big ideas, paste it on the wall for everyone to see and further expand on the idea.
The Electric Yellow (11” x 11”), Fuchsia Pink (15” x 15”) and Electric Blue (22” x 22”) retails at S$12.90, S$22.90 and S$34.90 respectively.

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