Ozaki O!Coat Relax Case for iPad Air

Here’s a new iPad Air case by Ozaki, the O!Coat Relax.
The O!Coat Relax is a slim case with adjustable multi angle viewing mode for landscape. Integrated magnets in the cover activate the iPad’s sleep/wake function. Comes in Black, Blue, Grey, Khaki and Pink and retail at S$99.90

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  1. Can’t ever convince myself to ever buy Ozaki products.
    I wouldn’t mind paying for products of good build even if they are more expensive than the rest of the competition.
    The issue i have with Ozaki is how useless and environmentally detriment their packaging methodology is.
    The best example is how they have chosen to market their mobile phone screen protectors. It is just a thin film of plastic and Ozaki sells them in a thick acrylic box that is almosy large enough to contain an ipod comfortably.

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