Anonymous called for Tweet Storm against Singapore Government

A member claiming to be from Anonymous has posted a message on Pastebin demanding the release of 5 men arrested for vandalising the wall at *Scape.
The Pastebin message urged people to make their opinions be heard by voicing to the Singapore Government Twitter account (@govsingapore and @MFAsg) using the hashtag #FreeSingapore5. It urged people to email Minister for Law K Shanmugam and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
The message also said that they will be organizing a Tweet Storm on 22 January and 12 February. These are the dates that the 5 men will appear in court. (Read the entire message here)
I think there are a lot of misunderstanding on the term “Twitter Storm”. Twitter Storm is organising a large group of people to tweet using a common hashtag at the same time to make that hashtag trend on Twitter. (In this case, it will most likely be #FreeSingapore5) By doing so, it will raise awareness towards the issue.
Twitter Storm is not a Denial Of Service attack. It’s objective is not to bring down any website. It is used mainly to game the Twitter trend system and create awareness on an issue. Twitter and Singapore Government Twitter accounts can still operate as per normal even when the Twitter Storm is taking place. There is no need to be alarm.

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