Microsoft Computing Safety Index

In conjunction with international Safer Internet Day (SID), Microsoft has released the results of the third annual Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI).
The MCSI survey measures the online safety behavior of almost 10,500 consumers in 20 countries, including Singapore and the US, UK, Australia, China and India. The latest survey revealed that online trouble has resulted in an estimated US$23 billion in worldwide financial losses in 2013, with financial loss due to compromise of professional reputation being the most costly.
In Singapore, 12 percent said they were victims of a phishing attack, losing on average US$158 or about S$200 (Global figures are 15 percent and US$158 respectively). 8 percent said their professional reputation had been compromised, costing on average US$552 or S$700 to repair (Global figures are 13 percent and US$535 respectively). 7 percent said they had suffered identity theft at an average cost of US$197 or S$250 (Global figures are 9 percent and US$218 respectively).
To support Safer Internet Day, Microsoft is also asking consumers to “Do 1 Thing” to stay safer online and commit to doing so on a new interactive website. The site allows Internet users around the world to share how they plan to avoid online risks, learn what other people are doing to help protect themselves and receive instant tips to enhance their digital lifestyle.
Do1-SG infographic

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