VENDOR satisfaction guaranteed: High Tech Vending Machine in Singapore

Digital vending machines are a common sight in Japan. Besides dispensing snacks and beverages, these vending machines also sell high tech gadgets as well as lifestyle products. Well, the high tech vending machines are here in Singapore.
Called VENDOR satisfaction guaranteed, this high tech vending machine will bring an exclusive and diverse mix of Japanese fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle products to the streets of Singapore.
Some of the products being sold by the vending machine include nail wrap, hair chalk, traditional Japanese handicrafts and earphones.
Introduced by Japanese retail company satisfaction guaranteed, the high-tech machines can be found at The Cathay, Liang Court and 100AM.


  1. Glad there’s import of such vending machines in SG! However, the purpose of having a vending machine is to put them somewhere where purchasing is impossible. If placed in shopping malls, what’s the point?

  2. adeline: I guess save rental.
    Anyway, Singapore is a small place. People go to town area almost every weekend. So I guess there’s no difference. I personally wish there will be more of such vending machines from other company and they put them in a row so that shoppers have more choices.

  3. Hi, I’m interested to set up vending machine sales for game cards. The machine should be able to accept notes denomination. However, I’ve yet to find a responsive vendor.
    Any lobangs for trustworthy vendors for purchase/ rent?
    Many thanks,

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