The alleged dog abuse case at Pasir Ris Camp

I’m sure by now most of you have read about the alleged dog abuse case at Pasir Ris Camp. Mindef released a statement saying that they have completed the investigation and found no evidence of dog abuse.
Straits Times reported that the NSF who send the video to Animal Lovers League was punished. The NSF’s father wrote a Facebook post saying that the dogs were being abused.
Some people asked why did Mindef punish the whistle blower but not the officer.
The NSF was punished for unauthorized video recording and unauthorized disclosure of information to 3rd party. What he should have done is report the matter to his commanding officer. If the commanding officer don’t take action, then report to the next person up the chain of command until action is being taken. He should not have send the video to an external party. I believe unauthorized video recording in camp carry a heavy sentence. However, the NSF was given 21 days of suspension of leave. I think Mindef gave him a lighter sentence since he did it to save the dog.
As for the officer, Mindef and AVA conducted an investigation and found no evidence of dog abuse. That’s why the officer wasn’t punished. Because there wasn’t any abuse. If the NSF’s father have any evidence of dog abuse in the camp, he should contact Mindef directly and request that they re-investigate the case. We keep hearing from Animal Lovers League saying that there is dog abuse. My question is, where? Are they able to provide any photo evidence of dog abuse or any medical checkup from vet?
Mindef however showed us a photo of someone bitten by the dogs in camp. If you scroll through the tons of comments on Singapore Army Facebook page, you will also see some comments from Paris Ris camp personnel saying that they were almost attacked by the dogs.
So we have evidence of dogs attacking human but no evidence of dog abuse.
A lot of people were saying that the way they tie the dog in the toilet is cruel. Personally, I think they could have restrain the dog in a better manner. But bear in mind that these are soldiers, not train animals rescuers. They do not have the proper equipment to catch and confine a stray dog until AVA arrives. Thus they use whatever tools they have in camp to do the job. I believe they tried their best and without ill intent. They could have done better but I wouldn’t call it dog abuse. After all, AVA did perform a medical checkup on the dog and found no signs of abuse.
Some people said that Mindef and AVA are trying to cover up. My question to those people is, Why? Why would Mindef want to cover up for an officer when the whole incident has gone so public? And why would AVA agree to cover up together with Mindef? What is so special about this officer that Mindef and AVA are willing to risk their public image to protect him?
There are several reported cases of dogs attacking people in the camp. If the officer didn’t take any action and someone get seriously injured by the dogs, Mindef gets the blame. I agree that the way they catch and confine the dog could have been done better. But keep in mind that they are not trained to do so and there is no evidence that they did it with ill intent. All they wanted to do is to protect their men from being attack by the dogs again.
And until now, nobody, not even Animal Lovers League, is able to provide concrete evidence of dog abuse at Pasir Ris Camp.


  1. I sincerely hope you do not revolve your life and logic around the media and news provided by the government. It does not take a graduate from a Master’s program to know that all information (esp related to the govt & army) are heavily censored and monitored.
    Evidence? Is that the punchline of the entire write up?
    The photograph of a dog being tightly tied around his neck is evidence.
    Puncture wounds on a women’s leg is evidence of an injury but by who or what is immensely ambiguous.
    And this article, my friend, is concrete evidence of a write-up based on assumptions and shallow hearsays.
    ps. you do not need to be professionally trained and credited for graduating from ‘how to restrain a dog ethically’ course to know that it is visibly uncomfortable for the said animal.

  2. An article based on logic and facts and not wild assumptions and heresay. I own and love dogs. So I wonder how does the majority of folks who love and own dogs put a lease on their dogs…by their tail? leg? shoulder harness? or with a leash on their neck…oh horror of horrors, so are these dog loving folks who walk their dogs with a leash are to be crucified for abuse as well because restraining a dog by a leash around its neck is deemd as abuse? I am sure Army camps do not have dog leashes as a standard issued item and so they made do with what they had on hand to restraint the dog whilst waiting for AVA to take the dog away. Why the toilet, so if it relived itself, it would easy to clean up? The video does not show the dog being beaten or tortured, and what i see is that it is sitting down (not even standing)with the rope tied around it body/neck area and in no way distressed. Also AVA who inspected the very dog and also found no signs of physical abuse. I guess it is true what they say about it being pointless to argue with idoits as they will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  3. Ron, I like your reply. Sarah, evidence is important otherwise anyone can make wild accusations. The tying up of the dog around the neck or torso doesn’t show proof of abuse.

  4. I like ron’s reply. Sarah, have you worked in the govt or the army, in order to make that comment that every information are heavily censored and monitored? Monitor, yes, any decent govt organisation will have that function for feedbacks. Censored? Really? Like how? Especially in this age of social media? Perhaps you are one of those whom believed that many soldiers have died in the service and were well covered up by the evil mindef?

  5. Reading from the comments it seems that many people say cannot chase animals away and cannot restraint them no matter what happens right. Maybe next time whenever any government agencies or even schools see cats, dogs, birds attacking people or their food the first person they call is those animal shelter place and ask them to come rescue the animals, never mind if they attack the kids in uniform (sorry I see guys in NS as kids too.). So if your kid is attacked in school will you say “oh the school is doing it right, they cannot chase or restraint the animals. it’s counted as abuse!)
    So many things I want to say but then again I see no point to 对牛弹琴, later people day I very cruel, the cows also don’t want to listen, why I force them to listen.. 😛

  6. Ron is spot on. To Sarah, the dog wasn’t tied tightly. In the video, the rope was not fully taut and the dog was able to rest it’s head on the floor of it wanted to. It may have looked like a hangman’s noose but that’s simply cos the only anchor point in a shower cubicle is on the frame. And Ron rightly pointed out why it was a good idea to put the dog in the cubicle.
    As to Ada Ong who has taken in the dogs at her shelter, she cannot be trusted. She always exaggerates the facts and blows things out of proportion on social media to terrorise people she thinks abused animals. She started the Justice for Tammy campaign. This time, she claims the photos of the dog bites on the camp personnel posted on the army Fb page did not look like dog bites and invited ppl to see how friendly and harmless the dogs were at the shelter. I can tell u for a fact it was a dog bite and that she is probably counting on the fact that nobody is going to come to the shelter to verify her claims.

  7. I like how lc stays in his little bubble of ‘everything in the social media is uncensored’ Sorry to burst your little bubble but its time to wake up your idea man. As a fellow keyboard warrior like you, i believe that news of such sensitivity gets subdued by the MDA to such an extent that people will believe what the media wants us to believe. SAF will no be in this strong position if everything is free for all to peruse. There has a be a certain level of censorship that will allow them to preserve on their ‘integrity’. I’ve been in the army and personally been in pasir ris camp before. No doubt dogs are aplenty there. But as the saying goes 河水不犯井水. And no, i have not been chased or attacked by them. If you not an aggressor to dogs. Why would they attack you? And for Mr dog lover ron. I’m sure sarah was not implying that putting a leash on dogs signifies abuse. Its just the manner in which the dog’s head was suspended in the air and not allowing it to rest while waiting for the arrival of the AVA that implied the term ‘mistreating’. And if that’s how you leash your dogs up, i have a sad news for you dog lover ron, you might be a dog lover but im not sure if your dog loves you. haha. To sum it up, take it easy guys. People have various conflicting reasons on this topic. Lets just say we get on with our lives yeah?

  8. OMFG! You can’t even read and understand and yet you blog??!?
    Nine NSF boys witnessed the LTC using a truncheon to whack an innocent stray dog standing nearby and the LTC told the boys this is how it’s done! All nine testified during the investigation but was covered up!
    Report the abuse to the camp CO (Commanding Officer) you were saying??? READ PROPERLY! It WAS the CO, the Commanding Officer, the LTC who whacked the innocent stray dog!! It was then reported to MINDEF but MINDEF did NOTHING!!!

  9. There was another abuse case missing from a lot of articles and this one included! You all have put in a little more effort and google a little more!
    The innocent stray standing nearby that was whacked with a truncheon by the LTC aka the CO aka Commanding officer and witnessed by NINE young NSFs is not mentioned yet again! This was reported to MINDEF but MINDEF did NOTHING! The young NSF boys were warned not to leak out! They are all transferred out to DIFFERENT camps now!
    Breach of security? Breach of secrecy? What security? What secrecy? Army keeps confidential info or highly classified secrets in the toilet? Animal abuse is a secret or breach of security? C’mon you guys cannot be that dumb right?
    If taking video IN THE TOILET is a chargeable offense then the person who took the photo of the lady’s legs SHOULD BE CHARGED TOO because that was also taken in a camp! Look at that old styled cabinet usually use by the army! CHARGE THIS GUY TOO! WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD??!?
    A young animal lover tries to save some strays got punished but the animal abusers got away scot-free! Fair?

  10. Paul, so where is the video/photograph evidence that the 9 NSFs witnessed the abuse? Why was there no video recording? It’s words against another words. Don’t simply take what the NSFs say to be the gospel truth when there is no concrete evidence to prove whether the dog has been abused.

  11. smell something fishy. I didn’t know just by looking at a video, people can start being judgemental. Yes, the dog was strained to prevent it from running loose. Perhaps there are better methods to strain it with the right equipment. But this is a camp, they don’t sell dog leash, so they have to make do with what they have to contain it while AVA arrived. But some smart aleck decides to take a video and cry foul, perhaps getting a few people to be witnesses to save his ass.
    I love dogs, and i personally see this blown out of proportion. I have read comments from dog trainers about this situation which is much justifiable compared to blind netizens jumping on the “cry foul” bandwagon. Is there any signs of abuse? I do not know, but neither do the netizens. I can gather 9-10 witnesses to start fabricating stories to make it known that it is true when it isn’t. This is the social network.
    So who are we to judge that the dog was being abused when it was merely sitting calmly. If the AVA claims there was no abuse, then some of you need to stop being idiots thinking this is a setup. If you guys can think Mindef and AVA are hiding the truth, are you sure that 9 so called witnesses are not creating stories with an agenda.
    Considering how local netizens these days are finding ways to go against government sector, i wouldn’t be surprise if this case is a case of overreacting.

  12. Intro:
    When good dogs go bad, there is one man who is their best friend, Caesar Millan.
    No dog is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate dogs, I train people. I am the Dog Whisperer…
    Ron, I commend you for your opinion on this issue. It is right to say that the military camp does not have the appropriate equipment to handle the situation. Resulting in them having to make use of whatever resources they have available to restrain the dog and confine it in a space that would be convenient enough to clean up should it decides take a big poop.
    You are also right to say that there’s really no other place to secure the rope than to noose it around its neck. So let me be objective here, just based on the evidence provided by the video, we can tell that the rope tied to the cubicle door frame was taut (Daniel apparently was watching a wrong video of some random dog being leashed up for a shower or something to say that the rope wasn’t fully taut and that the animal was able to rest its head. So not true. TSSSSSS *pokes 2 fingers on Daniel’s neck*), taut enough to keep the dog on its front paws to prevent itself from suffocating.
    Now, now, I wouldn’t make allegations that there was any form of abuse because the claims made by the 9 soldiers cannot be verified. But come on Ron, as a self proclaimed dog lover, you would know that that position is clearly uncomfortable for the dog right? So some form of mistreatment has been done to the animal. *Tssssss Pokes 2 fingers on your neck Ron*
    Dogs naturally get aggressive when they are provoked. There are some cases of dogs who suffered enough trauma to cause them to be perpetually hostile to human beings. If this was really the case, I am sure we wouldn’t have to wait until now for pictures of bite marks to appear on the internet for the Singapore Army to justify its claims of having aggressive dogs in their camps. And if the dog problem was really as severe as the organisation claims it to be, I don’t see any form of action taken to reinforce the camp to prevent stray dogs from entering.
    If the dog in the video was really hostile and aggressive towards people. It is certain to say that it would be barking and showing signs of aggression in the video too, which apparently isn’t the case.
    I have to say that based on my years of experience as the Dog Whisperer (Name trademarked and registered under the copyrights of National Geographic Channel), the photo that the Singapore Army posted on their Facebook page (Really now? The Army needs to have a Facebook page?) is indeed a picture of a dog bite. But I wouldn’t blame the dog for biting that leg, I mean… for something that looks that juicy and tender, I would too. Truncheon? What’s a truncheon? I’ve only heard of Luncheon……. Meat. But don’t feed your dogs that, it’s bad for their skin.
    So yes Ron, kudos on being a dog lover. But I still think that the rope should still be long enough for the dog to rest.
    Daniel, please watch the right video son. Or you can type “Dog Whisperer” on youtube to was any one of my full episodes illegally uploaded there.
    DK, I suggest you blog in your native language. That way you would be able to express yourself better, hopefully with a well balanced argument. Because right now all I see is ranting. You know what I’m saying? You have a blogging history since 2005, please, no one writes stuff like that. I train dogs though, so I can’t really help you. But I have friends and clients who teach english. Let me know and I’ll hook you up 😉
    To the Lieutenant Colonel, and of course any of you, remember I rehabilitate dogs and I train people. Come for my training. I will be in Singapore for a show on the 2nd of May, 2014.
    Alright, got to go now. Remember, when it comes to rehabilitating dogs, a lot of patience is needed.
    Ciao… chow is my favourite dog breed.
    PS: here’s the link to my show details.

  13. MY apologise for the typo error.
    Daniel, please watch the right video son. Or you can type “Dog Whisperer” on youtube to WATCH any one of my full episodes illegally uploaded there.

  14. grrah. screw you autocorrection.
    Ok, really got to go now.
    Your friendly neighbourhood Dog Whisperer

  15. 1) it’s MILLAN, not MilLIAN. I’m not a chinese girl
    2) The real person is Cesar Millan, not Caesar Millan or like how you spelled it CEasar Millian.
    3) It was a parodical post, as a blogger you ought to know that right.
    4) Is that your way of debating with me? By faulting me with my IP address?
    Caesar Millan.

  16. Like they say…welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men and underage girls are undercover police agents..
    stooping so low as to pose as the dog whisperer..good job in losing all credibility

  17. Hello LC,
    Finally I get to speak to somebody intelligent. I don’t think I need the name of the dog whisperer to give me any form of credibility. Like i said it was parodical, it was meant to to inject a little light heartedness (albeit a little over sarcastic on my part) to the tension that was caused by contributors like yourself.
    Relax, I understand it can be a very Singaporean thing to be uptight. I know, I am after all (as you should already assumed by now) Singaporean.
    And yes to agree with your point, welcome to the internet 🙂
    I’m not using Cesar’s identity to impose any form of authority here in the first place. I didn’t even use the real spelling of his name. Everything written was done so in a satirical context.
    *Tssssss pokes you on the neck*

  18. haha. okok.
    Thank you for that 🙂
    To everyone else… who is offended by my post…
    If you can’t take the Joke, you deserve a Poke!

  19. Cathy Strong noted that what they were protesting is not simply that the dog was tied up by the neck to the toilet stall; it was that there was testimony by 8 NSFs that the LTC used a truncheon to beat the dog.
    Therefore, I find it strange that you accuse the League of not providing evidence of the abuse, when all that testimonial evidence lies in the hand of MINDEF and their Investigating Officer (IO) dockets.
    If there is no such evidence, MINDEF should come out strongly to refute Ms Strong’s assertion. Considering the public vitriol that’s even spilled to international news media, I’m sure making another statement to clear the air would be well worth the time of MINDEF’s PAFF.

  20. YZ, those are just testimonies. What the author and some are saying here is there is NO video or photographic evidence that proved that the alleged abuse took place. As RLZ pointed out, the NSFs could have made it all up. How are you so sure they are telling the truth? Don’t pretend to be neutral here.
    My stand is there is no concrete (video or photographic) evidence to prove whether the abuse took place or not.

  21. CY, NINE witnesses saw the truncheon related abuse! Do we still need a video recording? C’mon! Use your brain! NINE witnesses and we still need a video proof??? Hahaha…let me repeat, NINE witnesses you know! Since when does the law state that every form of investigation requires video proof?
    And who told you a SAF-authorised camera was used for the dog bites photo? Someone leaked that out to you? That person should be charged too for breach of security!
    You’re wasting my time! Read, adsorb and understand first!

  22. CY, you were saying don’t simply take what the NSFs say to be the gospel truth when there is no concrete evidence to prove whether the dog has been abused.
    And you simply took MINDEF’s claim to be the gospel truth that there is no abuse? Hahahaha….
    So long! Like I mentioned, read, adsorb and understand first! So long!

  23. 99L, what kind of comparison is that?
    Tell me which dog owner ties a THICK ROPE around his/her dog onto the top bar (for the lack of a better word) of the toilet cubicle so taut that the dog is unable to sit or lie down to rest? C’mon!!!

  24. Paul: I remember The Singapore Army Facebook page saying that they use thick rope because they don’t want to injured the dog.
    Like I said in the blog article, the way they restrain the dog in the toilet can be better. They are not trained to restrain a dog. It may not be the best method. But there is no intent of dog abuse. Most importantly, there is no ill intent. They restrain the dog there so that AVA can come take it away. And AVA already confirmed that there is no sign of abuse on that dog.
    So what dog abuse are you talking about?
    I keep saying this. There is no evidence of dog abuse. Some of the dogs are now with Animal Lovers League. All I ask is for them to show us a photo of a dog that has been abused by camp personnel. Just 1 photo will do.
    All we hear is people claiming that there is dog abuse. But where is the dog?

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