Moto X coming to Singapore in May

I thought we are not going to see the Motorola Moto X outside US. Well, I was wrong. It seems like Moto X is coming to Singapore after all.
Perhaps the most interesting feature about the Moto X is the Touchless Control. You can get directions, set an alarm or do just about anything simply by saying “OK Google Now” at the Moto X without the need to touch anything. Your Moto X is constantly monitoring for your voice and will respond to your voice only.
Unfortunately it seems like we won’t be having Moto Maker in Singapore. Moto Maker allow customers to design and customise their new Moto X on a website before buying. There are up to 2000 combinations for customers to select. In Singapore, we will only be getting either black or white colour Moto X. Well, better than nothing.
The Moto X will be available in Singapore at S$568 without contract. We don’t have the exact launch date yet but it will be somewhere in May. I guess we will have more details later.

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