Marvel Super Heroes stickers on WeChat

Need some Super Heroes to help you communicate with your friends? Well, check out the Marvel Super Heroes animated stickers on WeChat.
WeChat Marvel Sticker - Set 1
If you are feeling fantastic about life, simply send the amazing Spiderman swinging across your mobile chat to shoot love webs to your sweetheart. Or celebrate spectacular wins with Thor’s mighty fist pump and dazzling smile. Having a monstrous day at school or at work? Smash all your angst away with the incredible Hulk and strike bad ideas to death with Captain America’s classic Shield Slash.
Use Iron Man to beam his approval and give a thumbs-up to a friend for a job well done. Or get Black Widow to send some powerful punches or a seductive wink.
WeChat Marvel Sticker - Set 2
The Marvel Super Heroes animated stickers is now available for free download on WeChat Sticker Shop until 29 April 2014. So hurry!

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